Other Useful Links

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The Merck Manual
Medline Plus Medical Online Dictionary
Rare Diseases Database

(might involve charges)

Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics
Dissection online videos

Gross human anatomy

Univ. of Wisconsin

Bone pictures

interpersonal differences in human bone shapes and how these can effect joint mobility Paul Grilley

Gil Hedley,

Ph.D. offers human dissection workshop for somatic practitioners, which I highly recommend.

The Integral Anatomy Series

New contribution

Zahourek Systems

great workshops and tools for 'anatomy in clay'. The ultimate way of learning anatomy

Gray’s Anatomy

online (20th edition, 1400 pages & 1200 illustrations)

Encyclopedia of anatomical muscle variations
Survey of Neurobiology

David L. Atkins

Tufts Univ. cross sectional anatomy site
Visual Man

(includes demo version of some cross sections) 

Master Muscle List

of Loyola Univ. gives attachements, action, enervation and a drawing of each muscle

Howford Muscle Charts

includes blood supply, no drawings for each muscle.

List of Three's

in anatomy by J.A.McNulty

Human Anatomy Online

(only basic anatomy, but very interactive)

McNulty's Visible Human

cross sections online, male & female