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Robert Schleip; Dr. biol.hum. Dipl.Psych.

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Postal adress & private practice:
D-80799 München

Fax +49-89-51308568

PhD in human biology with summa cum laude, Ulm University 2006
MA in psychology, university of Heidelberg, 1980
Certified Rolfer®, certified in 1978, being the first German Rolfer at the time
Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, certified 1987

Director, Fascia Research Project, Universität Ulm
Research Director of the European Rolfing Association.
Board member of Ida P. Rolf Research Foundation

Vladmir Janda Award for Musculoskeletal Medicine

Info on my current research work on fascia at the university of Ulm

Numerous publications in medical and other professional journals (see academic vita

Books and DVDs from Robert Schleip see here >